Jenny Gregory

Bi-coastal Real Estate Investments’ Founder, Jenny Gregory, was ranked #2 at her brokerage in 2016. Not only does Gregory do real estate in Kentucky, but she spends half of her year serving Southern California. Gregory is dedicated to her clients!

Jenny Lynn Gregory has garnered an excellent reputation and counts some of the most influential investors as clients. She built that reputation through hard work, client advocacy, and problem-solving skills! Jenny sets her expectations high! Her friendly demeanor and unwavering dedication to clients is one of the reasons her clients come back to her over and over again, putting her at 85% repeat business. In fact, Gregory believes that anyone can achieve success in real estate by building a brand that is appealing, personality-driven, and unique.

Her business allows her to serve clients all over the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Handling sales and leasing for individuals and developers, Gregory’s team is a dynamic group of only the most competent secretaries, brokers, and agents.

Gregory’s motto, “Make it Happen!”

Executive Assistant
Maxine Reyburn


Jenny Gregory graduated from Asbury College in 2004 with degrees in Journalism and the Arts. After College, her career took her to Nashville where she ended up opening a cafe and was named one of the “30 under 30” most successful in Nashville. As a widow and single mother, these accomplishments only came with tireless work. Jenny also cares about the community. Her boutique, Londons Lure, gives back 10% to help support working single parents, and she supports several non-profit organizations including Habitat for Humanity, local churches, and Remuda Ranch.

Bi-Coastal Investments has a team of professionals that is going to go to work for you!

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Jenny Gregory is dedicated to bringing you the highest level of professional services, and is committed to facilitating successful real estate transactions. Through Bi-Coastal Real Estate Investments, Jenny provides opportunities in both California and Kentucky, working with Pentimento Properties LLC and Re/Max Elite Reality. Gregory is committed to building a lasting service to her clients for assets ranging from multi-family units, restaurants, single family homes, and high rises. Success is measured by the achievement of our clients! Communication is also very important! Jenny likes to find out your personal needs and take those needs to customize a search for the type of property that will fit you, your lifestyle, money, and environment.

“I do not believe in pushy sales, I believe in service. I provide clients with options that create passive income and piece of mind.”
– Gregory

Currently Jenny’s business is 85% repeat business. This says a lot because her clients are coming back over and over again. Gregory maintains a high level of privacy and confidentiality with her clientele and continues to build lasting relationships. If you are looking for high ROI’s in real estate, Jenny and her team are ready to provide opportunities to those who reach out! Our strategic planning, market analysis ,and risk management delivers promising profitable results! With a team of brokers, assistants, and agents we get the job done!

“If you don’t have some of your money in Real Estate, you’re making a mistake.”
– Gregory