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Jenny Gregory
Jenny GregoryeXp Real Estate Agent
Founder & Owner Bicoastal Real Estate Investments
Office 859.203.7977 jennylynn.realestate@gmail.com

Jenny’s motto is, “Make it Happen!” She has been doing just that in both Kentucky and California for the past ten years.  She joined eXp Realty early 2019 and this year  she hustled her way to the #2 state ranking for 2020 sales. She is on track to close out 2020 with over $13M in commercial sells making it clear to see why 85% of her business is returning clients.

Jenny Lynn Gregory has garnered an excellent reputation and counts some of the most influential investors as clients. She has built that reputation through hard work and client advocacy. Client loyalty, friendly demeanor, and unwavering dedication are traits causing clients to continue partnering with Jenny in real estate transactions. Gregory believes that anyone can achieve success in real estate by building a brand that is appealing, personality-driven, is unique, and knows how to hustle.                                        

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Why Kentucky and California?


Kentucky, famous for bourbon and fast horses, is home to growing companies such as Tiffany’s, Tempurpedic, Humana, Lexmark and many others.

Louisville, named one of the “10 best Places to Buy Rental Property”  by Motley Fool, incentivizes investments through the Greater Louisville Initiative. Lexington’s leadership waived liquor, beer, and wine licenses fees for FY20/21 and was voted 5th Best Run American City in 2016 by WalletHub. Finally, check out Kentucky’s business-first approach draws investors from around the world.


California provides the opportunity to participate and invest in the 8th largest economy in the world. The current “California Exodus” has “locked in the lowest mortgage rates in 50 years” according to the Home Buying Institute. Investors will be able to take advantage of the low mortgage rates in areas considered off-limits in previous years.

Why eXp?